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Leon Duveen, a resident of Worksop for over 25 years, has been selected by the local Liberal Democrats to be their Prospective Parliamentary candidate for Bassetlaw.

This site will provide more information about his campaign leading up to the General Election on Thursday May 7th  2015.

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The Preamble to the [Liberal Democrat] Party Constitution is as good a summation of my own political philosophy as any I could write “…to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community and in which no-one is enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity."  

Our role is to make the dream expressed in those words a reality here in Britain. Too many people are trapped by their place of birth, their upbringing, their circumstances into a life where their potential cannot be fulfilled. This is a waste, not just to the person concerned but for all of us as we do not benefit from the contribution those who are trapped can make to the wider society

Support our campaign

I have set up a crowd sourcing appeal to raise funds for our election campaign. We don't have the rich backers that Labour, Tories or even UKIP have because we believe in representing you, the voter, not our paymasters.
So if you want to make a difference for Bassetlaw, to give the area a new voice, please help fund our campaign, please donate here

Press Releases from Leon

A full archive of press releasses from Leon's campaign in pdf format can be found here

Contact Details

Address:                                                                           Email:

Leon Duveen for Bassetlaw                                 

Bassetlaw & Sherwood Liberal Democrats

37 Lincoln Street                                                             Facebook:

Worksop, S80 2LZ                                                           LD4Bassetlaw


Telephone:                                                                       Twitter:

07879 497801                                                                 @LD4Bassetlaw



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